The Home

The Village of Lesotho

Semonkong Children's Centre

OPEN: All Day, Every Day

It is early evening and the sun is sliding west in the sky. You are sitting outside with a group of children. They've taken you to their 'fort,' behind the kitchen in The Home. They play with make-believe babies strapped to their backs and shoot each other with sticks for guns. They make tracks with their pointer fingers in the dusty soil and flick glass marbles through them. Many of the marbles are chipped which makes it difficult for them to roll. Would you like to buy a bag of marbles for the children to play with? If so, they might even share with you, so you can play with them, too.

They ask if both your mother and father are alive. If you say yes, they reply that you're lucky. If you say, no, they nod and say they understand. 

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"We communicate beyond just their basic needs. We take care of their emotional needs as well as their spiritual needs."

- Retha, The Village Caretaker 


A bell rings and the children make their way inside to a large room with long tables and chairs. Painted on the walls are images of Disney characters. So, Ariel, Timon and Pumbaa watch like portraits in a grand house. More children, of all ages, come and gather. Someone begins singing, you're not sure who, and everyone joins. They clap and stomp and sing. Then, as abruptly as it began, the song ends and someone begins a prayer. They thank God for food and for life. Standing there with a little hand in each of yours, you too, feel grateful. 

Older children begin serving a meal on blue plastic plates, with UNICEF marked on the bottom. The food is maize meal and chopped spinach from The Garden. The children pile the food into their mouths using their hands. When they are finished they lick the plates, and then their fingers. 

You say goodnight to the children. As you do, they clamour around you. Bye, bye, bye, they say and wave. You step out into a cool evening in the mountains of Lesotho.

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  • Began in April 2020

  • 48 Orphans resident in September 2020

  • 25,920 meals served January - June 2020

  • 31 Scrapped knees (all kissed)

  • 128 Books read

  • 76 New blankets bought

  • 48 pairs of shoes needed in October 2020, please!

  • 15 Chickens laying eggs

  • 48 bedtime stories needed!

  • 22 High School Scholarships in 2020

  • University Scholarships in 2020

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