Our work is to create a global community that reaches across barriers and enables people to see themselves in others and therefore care more deeply about their lives. 

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OUR MISSION is to bring people together and create opportunity to see ourselves in others. To do this, we create spaces: our Villages for people, especially those who have been excluded, to exist and thrive, and highlight their lives and voices through storytelling.


If we can not see ourselves in others, whomever they may be, then their suffering becomes easily dismissed. If their suffering is dismissed, so is their human potential. In a world like ours, losing human potential is a risk we can't afford. 


We work with the universal pillars of a village to create holistic and sustainable communities worldwide, where individuals can meet their potential.


Our Villages are not uniform. They are reacting to the unique qualities of a place and culture and are at different stages of growth. Yet, each consist of shared universal elements of a village.


Our ethos is to build our Villages so they are sustainable, not only financially but also ecologically. We want to provide individuals with the skills and education to allow them to sustain their own future, and their potential not be wasted. For us, success is being able to leave a Village and for it to thrive on its own.


"The relationship with The Village members taught me to be more patient and to fight the challenges, instead of giving up. I began thinking about my future, instead of being depressed because of it."



A place of education; academic, vocational or social.

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A place where people can tend the land in return for nourishment and economic sustainability.


A space for the expression and interaction with the arts and performance. A space of storytelling.

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A place of enterprise and entrepreneurship, where crafts, goods and services can be sold or traded in order to support the general economic wellbeing of individuals and the community.

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A place of spiritual observation and learning. This might be a church, a mosque, a meditation room, or a place for mental or physical health healing. 

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A place of safety and welcome, where a person's basic needs are met.




  • We foster healing and renewal, promoting unity between people and place

  • We encourage personal and external forgiveness so there is harmony between the environment and humans



  • We strive to be an inclusive, progressive and equal organisation, where everyone is valued and remains unified in our collective mission

  • We connect to people and communities from a place of equality, in pursuit of change together



  • Truth-telling; even when it’s not that easy

  • We endeavour to carry out our work in an ethical, honest, open, fair, and responsible way



  • We are not afraid to be different; to scribble outside of the lines

  • We are motivated by a shared purpose, to actively encourage experimentation to test what works for the communities we serve  



  • We dream big; as the greatest reward is the feeling we get from helping others

  • We ask ourselves: what is the bravest choice we could make?

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