The Village of Wales

You fall through a gap in the sky and land in a beach in The Village of Wales.

The Hughes family is family is there ready for an adventure.

This will be no ordinary adventure. Remember, here in The Village, anything can happen and anything is possible.... 


They beckon you to the water's edge and then dive in.  You follow them into the choppy grey water. You're amazed at how well your eyes adjust to being under the water and that your lungs don't seem to miss the air. 

You find yourself surrounded by sea animals. There are fish, whales and porpoises. They move in circles around and around you, like a caordinated dance. The animals tells you stories of nets, poisons and water warming. Some of the stories have happened to them and others they've heard on currents.


The animals have a request for you. They ask you you to think to think of them while making decisions in your life. They say you are the one they've been waiting for and that you must not forget them.

As if it had all been a dream, you wake on the soft sands. You look down and find that you are holding a notebook. On it there is a picture of a porpoise, just like the one you saw. 


"Something to remember us by," is etched inside.  

About the Hughes Family

Lifeforms Art Notebooks special notebooks are made by the Hughes family of Ceredigion, West WalesWales. They’re passionate about sharing our love for nature through art and story telling.


The Hughes family began making these very special notesbooks in 2017 to share their own conservation and environmental awareness work and to promote the conservation message. Their aim is to deliver the natural worlds in a way that helps people to enjoy their own passion for nature and share it with others as ethically as possible.


They are experienced naturalists with a background in hands on conservation of some of Britain's most threatened species.


Their products are created with the planet and all of its inhabitants in mind. Packaging is kept to a minimum and it’s always plastic free!


All of their notebooks are 100% recycled and 10% of their profits from notebooks are donated to #2minutebeachclean.