The Village of Solihull
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You arrive in Solihull in The Village of England. It is a busy urban place. You stand on the pavement, cars whizz by. You see high-rise flats. Across the street from you there's a playground, but the swings are broken. You look around, not sure what to do next. 


A young woman approaches you, followed by a bounding dog. She greets you smiling. This is Daisy-May, with her 4 month old puppy, Chilli. Daisy-May is The Village of Solihull Caretaker.

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Today, Daisy-May and Chilli are on their way to meet a delivery of hygiene items donated from local businesses to support disadvantaged families living in the area. Daisy-May asks if you'd like to help. You say, yes. Chilli is pleased to have you along and wags her tail. 

You arrive at the grounds of a football club, just as a lorry arrives with the donations. It's a good thing you came to help because there's 1.9 Tonnes of toiletries.

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You unload boxes of:

  • bottles shampoo & conditioner 

  • soap

  • nappies

  • deodorant 

  • sanitary items

  • sanitising handgel 

  • moisturisers 

  • toothbrushes

  • tooth paste

  • shaving creams

  • household cleaners 

  • face masks 

Chilli tries to help, too!

Later these items will be distributed to families who have been badly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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The Village of Solihull Facts 


  • The borough of Solihull, while generally an affluent area, has an increasing wealth gap with some wards facing challenges of prosperity and socio-economic development. 

  • The North of the borough has a concentration of neighbourhoods that rank amongst the most deprived in England. 

  • The health of local residents and obesity rates, leading to longer term health conditions, are an increasing concern for the council.

  • Deprivation in Solihull is also evident in terms of employment, education and income which is why this project has such a strong focus on hands on experience, training and education opportunities for the primary participants.

  • In Solihull, the three most deprived neighbourhoods in the borough have the lowest intake of fruit and vegetables compared to the England average, with foodbank use increasing.


Impact to Date

  • Launched in 2020

  • 6697 Hygiene items distributed 

  • Next to Launch: The Garden

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Daisy and Chilli head into the football club. Normally dogs aren't allowed but Chilli is exceptional. You follow them...

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