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Bethlehem, West Bank

31.7054° N, 35.2024° E

Dust yourself off. You've landed safely in The Village of Bethlehem. You are in the crowded Nativity Square. Here, it is said Jesus was born. The temperature is hot, and you can hear the Call to Prayer mingled with with the sound of church bells.


You look around and notice a boy, about 15, smiling at you. It is like he knows you. He is a member of The Village, just like you. The boy beckons for you to follow him, and you do. He will take you on a journey through his Village.


Before you continue on your journey, remember, you have a map in your pocket. If you get tired and need a rest, or if you need to find your way to another place in The Village, you can consult your map for the best way. 


Dominique, Founder and CEO of The Village first visited Palestine in 2011. She stayed with a family in Dheisheh Refugee Camp; a mother and her three children, two girls and a boy. Dominique and the youngest, Sally shared a room. 

On that trip, Dominique met Mohammad Azmi, who helped Dominique arrange interviews and chaperoned her through the community. The two became friends, and Mohammad is now the Country Director of The Village of Bethlehem.

Mohammad is passionate about building community and creating a space where even the most ostracised are welcome. The Village of Bethlehem supports young people who have been mentally or physically impacted by the ongoing political conflict. 

Our current programmes include, The Theatre and The Sacred Space. 

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  • Launched in 2019

  • Supports 9 boys who have been impacted physically or mentally by the ongoing conflict

  • Launched: The Sacred Space and The Theatre

  • Next to launch: The Market, The Garden and The School

  • 1 piece of theatre produced for the community

  • 288 support calls delivered during COVID-19 lockdown as part of The Sacred Space

  • 38 group therapy session between November 2019 and March 2020