Volunteer Programme

We repurpose the skills and talents of individuals, who have served, by trauma to create a force of good.


For many of those who have taken part in our volunteer programme, there have been significant benefits, showing them self-worth and providing them purpose post their service. Not only are we able to utilise their skills, but we recognise the great value that volunteering has to their ability to adjust to the world beyond their past.


These deployments of volunteers are an integral part of our community building. By bringing seemingly disparate people together, we are able to create unique cross-culture bonds, sharing of knowledge, and a new perspective on life and living.

Our volunteer programme has enabled us to further support the development of the communities that we, at The Village, are working with. It not only supports the individuals we are working with but also the volunteers who are recovering from mental health issues. In Lesotho it was lovely to see the special bond that was created between the beneficiaries and the volunteers, and the positive impact this had on both parties in recognising self worth.

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 "The greatest gift you can give someone is often your time and with it your knowledge...Time is a precious commodity but it’s also one worth sharing." 


- Russell Lewis MC, Veteran Volunteer, 2019 

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Davie Raynolds on his experience in the Village Of Lesotho


"By the end of the week, the guttering was repaired and successfully refilling a water tank, the shepherds were making a chicken coop from scratch, and all the taps worked. More importantly, the next time something went wrong or needed to be built, the boys had the tools to do it themselves "

Excerpt from John Mayhead's experience in Lesotho.

Read all of it here.



If you have been impacted by trauma and are looking for a way to get back on the road to recovery please contact us.

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