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Working with each community is a unique process. We work closely with our projects to ensure that we are doing the best we can to meet the needs of the individuals.


The Semonkong Children's Centre is home to 50 children, in need of care and support. The Children's Centre is run by Retha Mahopolo. Retha works endlessly to offer holistic care for the children, communicating with them beyond their basic needs. (mention the happy children from help and support of the Village) 

The Village supports the Children's Centre by providing salaries and directorial support, to ensure the highest possible care for the children. The children are all able to attend school. 

Herd Boys rooms. 

Future aims - 

More training classes

Employing another teacher to allow more children to attend school. 



The Home in Bethlehem was secured this June. Having a base for the project now allows the beneficiaries to have a place to meet and rehearse. Mention permanence and taking it seriously. 

How we have supported

Future Aims 

This has allowed a space for rehearsals and meetings. Therapy sessions are another key part of the support for the beneficiaries and having this space enables more focus on the future support for the men.