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Resilience Stories

This month we share stories of Resilience in line with the launch of The Resilience Box, the first in our Spring Series!

We are joined by Retha, the extraordinary Director of The Semonkong Children's Centre in The Village of Lesotho. 

In January Retha contracted the COVID-19 and was very poorly as a result. Here, she explores how she found her strength and the resilience to fight back.

What does resilience mean to you? 

Hope, Loss and Finding Resilience

The Children of Lesotho, Strength and The Resilience Box

“With each day that came, I just shifted my mindset from the negativity and losing of hope, to being positive that there is so much more that I still need to do; so much more that I want to do...”


What does Resilience mean to you?

"When you put one foot ahead no matter how heavy it is... you just keep dragging forward or crawling forward, rolling yourself on your belly.

Moving forward against all challenges."

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