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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

I write from Lesotho, where it is a balmy late summer's day. Above, a community of weaver birds dart in and out of their nest. Sure am glad I don't have a desk job!

Our Pilot Project

On Saturday, a team of four veterans join me for our pilot project. They will be led by Matt Fisher, who lost his right leg below the knee while serving with the Rifles. Matt has overcome many challenges since then including being a team member of Walking With The Wounded's Walk of Britain. For ten days, the team and I will stay in the mountain region of Semonkong and work with the herd boys at Lesala Shepherd School. The veterans will teach the herd boys vehicle maintenance and carpentry. Skills that will broaden the boys' futures.

The herd boys will show the veterans the remote cattle posts where they summer with their animals. I hope together we can discover how Village of Forgiveness can support the herd boys at the cattle post, where they are most vulnerable and isolated.

For me, the pilot is about asking questions. Seeing what resonates and what doesn't. I am going into it with an open mind and a good feeling! My hope is that we will all learn something new from each other. And have a lot of fun!

What The Future Holds

We are planning two more veteran volunteer rotations in Lesotho in 2019. We also have two reconnaissance trips in the works. One to northern Uganda, examining how we can support former child soldiers. Another to the Middle East, where we'll explore how we might better the mental health of children in conflict.

I will be posting regular updates on our pilot project here on our Village blog and on social media.




I leave you with a video of the herd boys at the Lesala Shepherd School singing.