The Theatre in

The Village of Lesotho 

A space for the expression and interaction with the arts and performance. A space of storytelling and societal conversations


The Theatre in the Village of Lesotho is an element of our work that is still being formalised, but song and dance are such key components to the community amongst our work, we couldn't help but share. Providing access and stewardship for the traditional arts, dance, and music of the Basotho people is central to the Theatre of The Village of Lesotho. It is providing a structure where these traditions can be taught and shared.

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For the herd boys who attend the Lesala Shepherd School, singing and dancing together after school is the only opportunity for fun and socialising that they get. Their lives as shepherds are extremely isolated and the opportunity to perform, sing and dance, is extremely beneficial for their mental health.

Moreover, many of our beneficiaries have experienced severe emotional traumas. Theatre and performance provides a chance to process and heal these experiences in a safe environment. 

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