The Garden

The Village of Lesotho 

You're standing in a greenhouse. It is humid and the air smells of soil. You might take a deep breath and take it in.


There is a woman inside working. She is watering the plants. She's followed by a flurry of small children who help her. 

"This is our food," she says to you. 

The garden is getting low on seeds. Will you buy a bundle?

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You follow the woman outside. The sky is vast and clear but there is still a chill coming off the mountains. The woman gathers spinach and piles them into a big silver bowl. She brushes insects away from the vegetables, before carrying the spinach to The Home. You might decide to follow her...


The wind whistles. It carries a chill that you weren't expecting. You might tighten your jacket around you. Behind a building, you see a group of men. They don't look like the other people you've seen here. They are veterans, volunteering at The Village of Lesotho. You walk towards them. They are members of The Village, just like you. 


They are standing on ladders and it looks as though they're repairing a gutter on one of the buildings. They are laughing and playing music. They tell you to help and hand you a rivet gun. You spend the rest of the afternoon helping build a new irrigation system to collect rain water and funnel it to the fields in The Garden. You are sunburnt by the end, tired from the work, and your heart is full from the stories you've heard about the lives of the veterans.

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  • Began in November 2018

  • 72 Packets of seeds sown in 2020

  • 24 Days of irrigation from the rain water captured

  • 349 Cabbages harvested

  • Spinach harvested - Lost count!

  • Greenhouse renovated (by Veteran volunteers)

Where would you like to go next? 

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