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The Theatre in

The Village of Bethlehem

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A space for the expression and interaction with the arts and performance. A space of storytelling.

What a perfect night to come to our Theatre! The boys in our Village of Bethlehem are performing their first ever play.  They've worked for four months crafting this piece and now they are ready to share it with an audience - and you're lucky enough to be part of it. Do you want to buy a ticket?


It is close to show time and the room becomes a bustle with people filing in to take their seats. These people might look like you or they might not. You may share a language or you may not, nevertheless, you feel at ease, as they are members of The Village, just like you! You wait as the lights dim.   

A boy who walks with crutches comes on stage. He seems nervous at first but then gains confidence. He says a monologue about buying shoes for only one foot. What to do with all the extra shoes for a foot he doesn't have? They pile up.


A group of other amputees join on stage. They throw spare shoes to each other, making a game. The scene ends with there being too many spare shoes and not enough people to catch them. The shoes fall on the floor with a thud. The audience applauds.


"I have a story to share, it is a feeling, an experience that made me rise and we are here to inspire you to go on and never give up." 

  • Launched in November 2019

  • 40 minute production

  • 33 Audience members

  • 18 Rehearsals

  • 9 Participants

  • 9 Real stories

  • 1 piece of theatre produced for the community

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