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A place of spiritual observation and learning. This might be a church, a mosque, a meditation room, or a place for mental or physical health healing.

The Sacred Space in

The Village of Bethlehem

You step inside a quiet room that smells slightly of frankincense. A group of nine teenaged boys sit on plastic chairs in a circle. They are sharing their prayers for humanity. Do you have a prayer for humanity?  


I hope this virus will go away from our world and we have a safe and peaceful world.

- Mohammad


I hope people will love each other more and the goodness will spread between them. 

- Ramzi, 18


I wish for all to love and never hate. I hope in future we will be able to appreciate each other.

- Mahmoud, 15


I am wishing the goodness and wellbeing for myself, my family and you!

hope to stay safe with my family and to finish my studies as a nurse.

- Ahmed, 18


I wish that this hard time will pass and we go back to our normal life and I can continue my studies at college.

- Yousif, 21

A boy pulls a chair up for you. Another, pours you a cup of tea. It is sweet and minty. You savour it. The group welcomes you because they are members of The Village, just like you. 

Today, they are holding a group counselling session. Many of the boys are missing legs, one pulls up the leg of his trousers to show scars. 

"I was very depressed."

"I felt alone."

"Many times I wanted to die." 

"I sleep until 3 in the afternoon. I don't want to wake up."

"My family is ashamed of me." 

"I want to move away from this place."

"I'd like to go back to school but the kids will make fun of my crutches." 

"I miss my brother." 

"I want to be a voice, a leader in the community."

"I want to make a difference."

"I want to matter." 

You think of the times you might have felt this way. Maybe you share your own story?

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"I was sure I was joining an organisation that would embrace our wounds."

- Hamada

  • Launched in November 2019

  • 38 Group therapy sessions between Nov 2019 - Mar 2020

  • 17 One-to-one therapy sessions in 2020

  • 16 weeks in lockdown for COVID-19 (when little support was available)

  • 228 support calls during lockdown (by project director and social worker)

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